By: Vistamatic134 On: July 28, 2017 In: Magazine Articles Comments: 0

At BetweenGlassBlinds, Vistamatic and Clarity, we work diligently to remain at the front of the healthcare industry and are always seeking out input from industry experts. In this article, recently published in Healthcare Design Magazine (http://bit.ly/2qJu597), penned by Scott Rawlings, director of healthcare and leader of HOK’s regional healthcare practice...

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By: Vistamatic134 On: July 25, 2017 In: Magazine Articles Comments: 0

Some interesting thoughts in an article in Healthcare Design Magazine. Throughout the years in business, our priority has been to work in partnership with our healthcare clients to fully understand their privacy and observation requirements rather than simply pushing own sales agenda. This collaborative approach is why we are one of...

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